André Massing, Ph.D.

I work as Postdoctoral Fellow at the UMIT Research Lab located at Umeå University.


As a computational mathematican, I am interested in both the analysis, implementation and application of solution schemes for partial differential equations. In particular, my main research centers around the development of finite element element methods for complex interface and multiphysics problems. During my Ph.D, I developed embedded and overlapping mesh methods for computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction problems which originate (mostly) from biomedical applications. Recently, I have been working on finite element methods for embedded surfaces and coupled surface-bulk problems, with potential application to multidimensional multiphysics problems describing, e.g., flow and transport problems in fractured porous media, cell motility, and two-phase flows with surfactants.

To implement most of the solution algorithms, I use and contribute to the marvellous FEniCS project. You can find my publications and preprints on ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and arXiv. A complete list of publications is included in my CV.


Mail: andre dot massing at umu dot se
Mobile: (+46) (0)72 860 25 97
Mailing address: Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden
Visiting address: Ground floor, MIT-building